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Nomad Units

Posted by SotF on May 7, 2010 at 11:37 PM


Type: Transport(Heavy)

Force: 1

Crew: 1 Handler,Archer Unit

Abilities: Crush,Recovery

Upgrades: ExtraArcher Platform, Armor Plating, Arrow Slits (Requires Armor Plating), EliteHandler

Attacks: Trample

Special: Archer Unitsmay be upgraded as per the Archer choice. Extra Platform requires the seperatepurchase of an Archer Unit



Type: Heavy

Force: 2+Commander

Crew: 1 Handler, 1Archer

Abilities: Shrug Off

Upgrades: ExtraArchers (Up to 3 extra archers), Armor Plating, Elite Handler, Helmet Spikes

Attacks: Trample,Ram, Archers, Officer

Special: Archers aretreated as an Archer Unit concerning abilities, using number of archers



Type: Fast

Force: 4+Commander

Crew: 1 Handler

Abilities: HeadlongCharge

Upgrades: EliteHandlers, Lancer, Thrust, Brace (Requires Lancer), Larger Unit (Up to 4 extraunits), officer

Attacks: Ram, Overrun(Requires Lancer)

Special: Takes halfdamage from collisions



Type: Fast

Force: 4+Commander

Crew: 1 Handler

Abilities: Dodge

Upgrades: EliteHandlers, Evade, Composite Bow, Barrage, Larger Unit (Up to 4 extra units),Officer

Attacks: Archers

Special: Enemy mustreroll the first sucessful attack on this unit each round



Type: Standard

Force: 8+Commander

Crew: None

Abilities: Barrage

Upgrades: Longbow,Piercing Arrows (Requires Longbow), Improved Spread, Officer, Extra Archers (Upto 12 extra units)

Attacks: Archers



Type: Standard

Force: 8+ Commander

Crew: None

Abilities: Brace

Upgrades: Pikes,Guardian, Hold The Line, Extra Spearmen (Up to 12 extra units)

Attacks: Thrust

Special: Reroll asingle failed attack on an adjacent enemy that moved into range this turn



Type: Elite

Force: 2+Commander

Crew: None

Abilities: Barrage,Stealth, Advanced Deployment, Woodsman

Upgrades: Longbow,Piercing Arrows (Requires Longbow), Vanish, Officer, Poisoned Arrows, ExtraHunters (Up to 3 extra units)

Attacks: Archers

Special: Gains doubleterrain defense bonus'


Titan Guard

Type: Elite

Force: 6+Commander

Crew: None

Abilities: Brace,Guardian, Escort

Upgrades: Hold TheLine, Reach (3"), Avoidance, Officer, Drive Back, Extra Titan Guard (Up to6 extra units)




Type: Champion(Heavy)

Force: 1

Crew: 1 Elite Handler,2 Archer Units

Abilities: Crush,Recovery, Shrug Off, Inspiration

Upgrades: ArmorPlating, Arrow Slits (Requires Armor Plating), Improved Recovery, Focus Fire

Attacks: Trample,Earthquake, Master Handler

Special: Archer Unitsmay be upgraded as per the Archer choice. Allies within 12" and line ofsite gain Recovery



Type: Champion


Crew: None

Abilities: Stealth,Vanish, Woodsman, Advanced Deployment, Forward Push, Recovery, Harry

Upgrades: PiercingArrows, Vanish, Officer, Poisoned Arrows, Longshot, Bow Master

Attacks: Archers

Special: Gains doubleterrain defense bonus', Non-Heavy Allies gain Advanced Deployment



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