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Posted by SotF on May 7, 2010 at 11:19 PM

Okay, the original idea for this came from a modernization of the Pulp era story with a modern take. Paleoworld was one inspiration, as were several other games and stories of the type.

The setting is in a pseudo-cretaceous world with a lot of suprises and inhabitants for use.

How it's accessed by the modern world is through a two way wormhole developed in an underground facility. It's location is immobile and the military has deployed a group through it to begin exploration, but the facility is not one to enable easy transit in and out, everything larger than a small car needs to be broken down to get it to the wormhole.

From time to time, other groups have slipped in leaving the occasional group of humans.

However, other than the prehistoric "monsters" there is a group somewhat similar to humans that seem to be a native population.

The factions are the Expeditionary Force (Modern Troops and Civilians), the Nomads (Descendants of various groups from history and tend to have a close tie with the herbivores), and the Others (A beastial group of humanoid savages).

While I wanted there to be a pure dinosaur faction at the start, to be honest, the problem comes from figuring out how to make them more threatening as a force than the groups that already use them.

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