Dinosaur Wars



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Tyrant Awards

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Just noticed that Tackling a Tyrant managed to get noticed by a few more people, mainly thanks to MiniatureWargaming.com

Here's The Bit


Nomad Units

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Type: Transport(Heavy)

Force: 1

Crew: 1 Handler,Archer Unit

Abilities: Crush,Recovery

Upgrades: ExtraArcher Platform, Armor Plating, Arrow Slits (Requires Armor Plating), EliteHandler

Attacks: Trample

Special: Archer Unitsmay be upgraded as per the Archer choice. Extra Platform requires the seperatepurchase of an Archer Unit



Type: Heavy

Force: 2+Commander

Crew: 1 Handler, 1Archer

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The idea of the nomads came from the concept of the sauropod and herd migrations.

Instead of building cities and fortresses, the Nomads have tamed the Sauroposeidon herds that migrate through the area and live in structures strapped to these mighty beasts while rangling other species to serve as combat and exploration mounts.

Different groups of them are referred to as herds, namely due to their "cities" are infact seperate herds of the sauropods. Few creat...

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Setting & Factions

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Okay, the original idea for this came from a modernization of the Pulp era story with a modern take. Paleoworld was one inspiration, as were several other games and stories of the type.

The setting is in a pseudo-cretaceous world with a lot of suprises and inhabitants for use.

How it's accessed by the modern world is through a two way wormhole developed in an underground facility. It's location is immobile and the military has deployed a group through it to...

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